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Be inspired by many actions that spread from member to member through DidThis. Discover actions that you did not know and which are detailed in our actions wiki: new ways to run, new hobbies, etc.. Submit your own new actions to other members and see if they become popular.

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Countdown days to events: D-5 before holidays! M-2 before birthday!
Use widgets to display countdown.
This application allows to count in two directions: from past or to future events.

  • change format (year/month/days)
  • set recurrent events (every year/month/week)
  • sort by date or label
  • set a label and a description
  • send items via e-mail
  • change widgets color
  • get notification at D day

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the best android counter

Count/track anything (holidays, people in a plane, bills, push-ups, sleep hours, sheep...) or get iterating numbers to put on documents (invoice for instance).
You can view the history of your actions and enrich it, to make a real daily log.

  • add as many counters as you want
  • display full screen counters
  • filter per category
  • lock counters
  • jump to new values
  • set up goals
  • reset counters
  • display logs
  • comment logs
  • delete logs
  • share counters values and logs via e-mail
  • export logs via CSV file
Click on a counter to edit it: you can rename it, adjust step, set category or unit, set trigger value, set reset value.
In full screen mode, you can use volume buttons to inc/dec, and shake to reset. If counter's unit is "minute", you can start a chronometer via menu to automatically increase/decrease counter.
You can also put different widgets in homescreen.
Chroco can be used as a tally counter.

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Your journal, to track gold moments you want to remember.

  • track moments or activities
  • track quantities (for instance: run 3km)
  • add pic
  • set location
  • set goal
  • visualize on graph or map
  • redo easily

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First Words

This application allows you to show single words to someone who is learning to read (with whole language method).
It contains already 2 languages (English and French), 17 categories (+ alphabet + numbers) and more than 400 words.

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Schedule an outgoing call to any destination.

Set a specific call duration.

Thanks to the alarm, even if you are not close to your phone, this call will take place.

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SMS go

SMSgo application allows you to send predefined messages via SMS.
What for? To send recurrent SMS or to send predefined SMS when you are not gesture free or when you are in a hurry. For instance, the application can be configured such as someone having an heart attack can send a SOS message to someone in ONE click.
You can also share current or predefined location in your messages.

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Fevert Alert

for fever management. This application is able to give you advice through appropriate recommendations for each registered user’s profile.
These recommendations take into account weight, age, medical background and temperature. They follow international medical guidelines.

Here is the link to the blog dedicated to the app: ! Fever


Ever wanted to display a message full screen on your device ?
This app allows you to easily display a message full screen: write your message, click launch button and your message is displayed full screen.
You can also create one screen per message: click on icon "+" to write more than one message. Once in fullscreen mode, swipe screen horizontally to go to next message (right direction) or previous message (left direction). Start automatic or manual display mode via menu.
You can change text size, text font, text color, time duration between words in automatic mode.

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